[Lyrics + Translation] Honey Funny Bunny DBSK


meomchujima eoseo naege dagawa kkok nuneul gama jwo (Oh Slow Down)
malhajima jogeumman deo gidaryeo tteollineun soneul dallae jwo (Oh-oh-U-wow)

chokochip kukiboda chokchokhan nae mameuro nogyeo julge maswimellou chokollitboda Oh my luv
aroma hyanggiboda deo jinhan nae mameuro nogyeo julge ireon naui mameul bada jwo (badajwo) algesseo

Honey Funny Bunny dalkomhan hyanggicheoreom budeureopge day by day-yeah-e day-yeah-e
Honey Funny Bunny tteugeoun bulkkoccheoreom jinhan cheot kiseucheoreom wow-wow wow-wow

*Honey Honey Honey Honey neomu dalkomhae Funny Funny Funny Funny neomu sangkeumhae
Bunny Bunny Bunny Bunny oh baby eonjena geudae pume angyeo kkumeul kkugo sipeoyo

o nunbusyeo chyeodabol su eobtjanha neomu areumdawo (yo so fine)
tto seolleyeo jameul jal su eobtjanha dugeundugeun nal jom dallae jwo (oh-oh-u-wow)

nae bore seuchyeoganeun budeureoun geu ipsul na eotteokhae gatgo sipeo eoseo neo naege wajullae
aetage bara boneun aigateun geu nunbiche eoneusae ppajyeobeorin naneun eotteokhae (eotteokhae) algesseo


(mollae mollae) neol wihae (norae norae) bulleo jullae
(orae orae) nae modeun sarangeul jullae (deureobwabwa) teojil deutan
(nareulbwabwa) nareulbwabwa (dagawabwa) dagawa haneul wiro geudael ango nara



Come on, come to me I close my eyes Do not stop me (Oh Slow Down)
Do not tell me a little bit more waiting to soothe a trembling hand (Oh-oh-U-wow)

Chocolate cookies, marshmallows, more moist, I’ll melt the chocolate over mameuro Oh my luv
Than aroma deep in my heart I’ll melt mameuro moreaccept (Laughs) I know

Honey Funny Bunny sweet, soft as the day by day-yeah-e day-yeah-e
Honey Funny Bunny dark like a hot flame, like the first kiss and wow-wow wow-wow

* Honey Honey Honey Honey so sweet too sangkeumhae Funny Funny Funny Funny
Bunny Bunny Bunny Bunny oh baby in your arms always want to dream

So beautiful in my eyes can not look at five do not (yo so fine)
The fluttering palpitations do not have to sleep Give me wants to (oh-oh-u-wow)

Passing soft lips on my cheek i do want to have it come to me Come on, you
In the eyes of a child looking at him anxiously as he suddenly had lost what shall I do (do) I know

* Repeat

(Secretly) for you (singing songs) Cantam
(Very long) Can you all my love (look for), bursting
(Look at me) Look at me (Come closer) come hold you fly over the sky

* Repeat

source: pinkrazy.com

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