[Lyrics + Translation] Rumor DBSK


nan neoman wihae salgetdan seontaek binmallo heulliji ma wae nal pihae
tteodoneun yaegil mame dugo doemutji ma deutjani useumi na
eotteoke namdeul mar~e geurae

Strike one naega nugul mannado Strike two eodi gaseo mwol haedo
Strike three museun ire hwimallyeodo nae malman deureo
modu jemeotdaero kkiwo matchun sasireun bupullyeojin geojiseuro muldeureo

*nan cheonguk gateun neoui sarang mongmalla
nae du nun barabogo mideo Don’t say goodbye
ne mareun Rumor (neomu simhae) nal hyanghan Rumor (nan neoppuninde)
solgitan Rumor (ijeo jugil) kkumyeonaen Rumor

nan jeoldae an byeonhae hyanggeutan neol dugo
neon dageuphae naega eojjaetdeun
saramdeul siseone hwipsseullyeo noranajima nan hangsang neorago

Step one nae gaseume sondaebwa Step two budeureopge nun matchwo
Step three jamsirado gwireul datgo jinsimeul neukkyeo
modu jiltu seokkin hamjeongil ppun nae mameun neoreul ppaego nuga wado mot yeoreo

himgyeoun pyojeongeun jitji ma nae mami dachyeo witaerowo
naega neoui ipsure miso geuryeo noheulge

tteugeopge ttwideon gaseumi geureon gaseume neomchin yeoljeongi yeoljeongi mandeun sarangi
eoneu sungan bichi baraetji
neol hyanghan nae mam algenni jageun uisimeun jeobeo bogenni dasi nae pume ogenni
ije seontteut bada jugenni

*Repeat (2x)


Don’t think that my words “I live only for you,” as empty words. Why do you avoid me?
Don’t take the rumors that are floating around to heart and attack them back at me,
How can you believe in a strangers’ words and do this to me?

Strike one, No matter who I “meet.”
Strike two, No matter where I am and “doing”
Strike three, no matter what I’m “embroiled” in

Only listen to my words.
All words were fabricated, the truth was overblown with lies.

*I’m thirsty for your heavenly love
Look into my eyes and believe me, don’t say goodbye
My words are Rumor, (It’s too much) directed towards me Rumor, (When I only have you.)
Enticing Rumor, (Please forget) fabricated Rumor

I wont ever change and leave such sweet girl
You’re always uneasy no matter what I do
You get swept away by people’s words, Don’t get fooled around with, I only have you

Step one, place your hands on my chest
Step two, genuinely look into my eyes
Step three, Shut your ears for just a moment and feel the truth
Everything are traps that were created from jealousy. No matter who knocks on my heart, you’re the only one who can open the door to my heart


Don’t put such a still expression. My heart hurts and I feel precarious
I’ll draw a smile to your lips

My heart which beated so fast, passion ran through my heart, the love which created this passion, in a moment the light has faded.
Can you understand my heart which yearns for you? Can you fold away all your small suspicions, will you come back in my embrance?
Will you, without hesitation, accept me again?

*Repeat* 2x

source : pinkrazy.com


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