[News] 120513 “Dr. JIN” preview, “Visual Shocking Historical Drama”

May 14, 2012 · ceskjj


Fantasy medical drama “Dr. JIN” with a cast including Lee Beom-sooSong Seung-heonKim Jae-joongPark Min-yeongLee So-yeon and more, revealed a preview on the 12th and left a big footprint.

The preview that was shown on the 12th right after MBC weekend drama “Feast of the Gods“, was a fancy video of Jin Hyeok a genius doctor, traveling through 150 years of time into the Chosun times. This video created a high number of hits of You Tube and was ranked the top most searched video until the next day.

In the preview, Lee Beom-soo (Lee Ha-eung), Song Seung-heonKim Jae-joong (Kim Kyeong-tak),Park Min-yeong (Hong Yeong-rae / Yoo Mi-na), Lee So-yeon (Choon Hong) and other characters were shown, increasing expectations and anxiety amongst viewers.

Those who have seen the preview say, “I am looking forward to it”, “I can sense success in this one”, “I can guess the characters from just one video”, “Shocking visual historical drama” and more.

Meanwhile, “Dr. JIN” is based on a Japanese original by Murakami Motoka about a genius doctor from the year 2012 traveling through time to the 1860s and will be aired for the first time on the 26th of May after “Feast of the Gods“.

Source: Osen + Hancinema
Shared by: PrinceJJ  + JYJ3


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