[NEWS] TVXQ’s 2012 Fan Festival in Seoul!

May 13 2012 04:12 AM | CTVXQstaff_irene_kidman in News / Info

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The Shilla Duty Free – SPECIAL EVENT 2012

TVXQ!’s Journey Story with The Shilla Duty Free
2012 Fan Festival in Seoul

Fans from across the globe! Come check out TVXQ! in Seoul on this Fan Festival!
Check out the program below for all that’s in store!

Date : (Sun) July 15, 2012

A. Meeting with the fans

1. Mini Concert (Five songs)
TVXQ! presents a private concert to attending fans.
2. Question and Answer Time with the Fans!
Ask whatever you’ve been curious about in the meantime!
3. Drawing for Giveaway of TVXQ! Goods!
Through a random drawing, lucky fans will be able to collect original items of the group that cannot be found anywhere for sale!
4. Heart-to-Heart Talk with TVXQ!

B. Photo Shoot

Group photo shoot with members up on stage!!
(Shot includes TVXQ! members and 40 guests)

*Shots taken with the group are to include 40 guests at a time.

Let’s cheer them on!

▼Please visit the site below for more information▼

Source: TVXQ! Official Website, ContinueTVXQ.com
Distributed by: ContinueTVXQ.com

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