[TWITTER] JaeWon Tweeted About TVXQ 120514

May 14 2012 06:15 PM | CTVXQstaff_zeruhei in News / Info

SM Entertainment’s Choreographer and BeatBurger member JaeWon (@Famous_Jae) recently tweeted about Yunho and Changmin!

Attached Image: monthly_05_2012/ccs-13-0-61808700-1337019982.jpg

Read from oldest to newest..

Shim Changmin loves winning pic.twitter.com/rCz2dqp4

Attached Image: monthly_05_2012/ccs-13-0-93011700-1337019567.jpg

Jung Yoonho calls himself to check whether or not his phone is working…

Shim Changmin with the flash (finger) moves is still playing winning… pic.twitter.com/bpF4nNh3

Attached Image: monthly_05_2012/ccs-13-0-57047300-1337019987.jpg

Still… (playing) pic.twitter.com/1AlmuEFE

Attached Image: monthly_05_2012/ccs-13-0-26681700-1337019573.jpg

LOL…Yunho’s random phone call…and is that Changmin’s hands?

Source: JaeWon’s Twitter
Translated by: Joozie @ ContinueTVXQ.com
Distributed by: Joozie @ ContinueTVXQ.com
Please Keep All Credits Intact, thanks.

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