[VIDEOS] XIA drops his first solo album, ‘TARANTALLEGRA’

by leesa86 – 10 hours ago

XIA (JYJ‘s Junsu) is known to be one of the most well-rounded artists out there today. Not only is he considered to be one of Korea’s top-notch idol vocalists, he has also been acknowledged by international choreographers for his flawless dance moves, and his fresh new mini-album is also nothing short of immaculate.

Junsu’s first solo album ‘TARANTALLEGRA‘ consists of many of his self-wrote, self-composed songs and it covers a wide variety of musical genres such as dance, R&B, hip hop ballads, standard slow, and many more. He lives up to his title as an experienced idol singer by also pulling off tracks with fierce, powerful beats and electronic dance songs, and the singer truly displays his unparalleled identity with his title song “Tarantallegra“. Like the professional vocalist he is, XIA perfectly sings the melody of each song in his first solo album, and genuinely conveys each emotion that surrounds the lyrics.

Artists such as Aziatix‘s Flowsik, Dynamic Duo‘s Gaeko, Bizzy, and Double K have also made their features on Junsu’s new album as a special treat for fans. Fellow JYJ member Kim Jaejoong along with Junsu’s twin brother JUNO also made contributions by composing and producing a few tracks on the album.

XIA’s first dream-like solo album is the best ear-candy for this summer season.

Check out a few of the songs below and remember to support by purchasing the music!


No Gain (composed & produced by Kim Jaejoong)


I Don’t Like Love

Set Me Free (ft Bizzy)


Breath (ft/ Double-K)

Lullaby (ft/ Dynamic Duo)

Even Though You Already Know

I Turn Around And Around


The Tree Covered in Dew

Source & Image : Melon & Allkpop


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