[TRANS] 120517 Jaejoong’s Interview in the Production Report Conference for Dr. Jin

Simple arrangement of JJ’s interview in the production report conference:

How did JS&YC;tell about the appearance in the historic drama?

-They told me like this.. “What? Will you act in historic drama?”
Honestly, I didn’t know. To me, it’s still something new such as challenging to act in the historic drama, making a topknot and wearing olden clothes. I’m still amazed to challenge to act in the historic drama. But after wearing these clothes, I think Hanbok is very gorgeous.

Do you have any difficult things due to your first historic drama?

– Because it’s historic drama, there are many difficult things.
Above all, it’s quite different tone to speak.
There are many scenes to ride horse and to handle sword.
When I rode a horse in the horse-riding track, I thought I did it with confidence.
So I thought I could do it well. But in shooting place, the horse was hard to handle. Handling a sword is also difficult.
I think our directors was disappointed with me because of it.
I’ll try to exercise them much harder for wonderful shots.
And there’s another difficult thing.
There are many things to affect and to interrupt the shooting.
For example, when we started to shoot at the end of dawn, cocks crowed. Then we tried to do again, dogs barked because people went by. Then we restarted shooting again, the flights flied.

Is there anything that YC advised to you?

– He didn’t teach me at all. He told me about a topknot. He told me
‘when you have a topknot on your head, you are very difficult to express your feelings on your face.
And it leaves marks. Sometimes it lasts for 10 hours more..
In the summer, the color of your upper & lower face will become different.’

– I’m so busy. But I’m happy now.
Actually, now I can’t sleep well, and I’m so tired but I like to work.
It’s very hard to me if there’s hiatus.
And… as you know.. everyone already knew about it..
I’m so sorry about that we can’t appear on entertainment program.

Cr: theyoungestmin


There was one story that we can’t laugh. Kim Jaejoong said “I call Hong YeungRae ‘Hong Cham Pan Daek’, it is hard to pronounce fast. But these words keep on being used in the drama.” Then Kim Jaejoong showed how he pronounces the words (to the reporters). The reporters were following Jaejoong (LOL!! you guys involuntarily followed him! XD) and showed their reaction saying “(We)understad’, then Kim Jaejoong said “Good thing it’s not winter”.

T/N: If it’s winter, it will be more difficult to pronounce the words because the cold will make you shiver

Cr: Jeneration (@126×204)

Source: MBC, Korean Media Press
Credit: theyoungestmin, 126×204
Shared by: JYJ3


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