Application Details for 2012 TVXQ Special Fan Event in Seoul

The details about how to apply for 2012 TVXQ Special Fan Event in Seoul has been announced.
International fans, this is a good chance for you to meet TVXQ and take pictures with them! ^^

[Application periods]
1st period: 5/18/2012 18:00(KST) ~ 5/22/2012 12:00(KST)
2st period: starts from 5/25 18:00(KST)

Attached Image: monthly_05_2012/ccs-815-0-79543500-1337351946.jpg
Attached Image: monthly_05_2012/ccs-815-0-05968900-1337351948.jpg
Attached Image: monthly_05_2012/ccs-815-0-45033400-1337351945.jpg
Attached Image: monthly_05_2012/ccs-815-0-15611300-1337351944.jpg
Attached Image: monthly_05_2012/ccs-815-0-65713800-1337352043.jpg
Attached Image: monthly_05_2012/ccs-815-0-22485300-1337352045.jpg
Attached Image: monthly_05_2012/ccs-815-0-96897700-1337352046.jpg
Attached Image: monthly_05_2012/ccs-815-0-65736100-1337352048.jpg
Attached Image: monthly_05_2012/ccs-815-0-25970100-1337352050.jpg

Source: 2012 TVXQ Fan Event in Seoul Official Website,
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