[TWITTER] 120517 Junsu Twitter Update

 Let’s all be more happy..^^

 I’m in good mood today….ㅎ

 A tree covered in dew..^^

[TRANS] It’s been a while I tried singing ‘Why can’t you love me’ alone in my room..Tears are formed without me knowing it..It’s not even the performance..But strangely my mood became better..I miss Mozart

[TRANS] For the success I can only look forward..Like a foolish child.. The small child in me when I was young..He also asks me..Why can’t you love me..Just the way I am.. (T/N: They are lyrics from the song “Why Can’t You Love Me” in Mozart musical).

[TRANS] The cute child in my life..I’ll keep it in my memory..I’ll not go back..I want to continue with my own path..It’s meaningless to go back..You don’t love me..The way I am..Why can’t you love me..Please love me.. Just the way I am…. (T/N: Another part of the lyrics from “Why Can’t You Love Me”).

[TRANS] We all loved this song the most^^

In reply to gunboy77′s tweet: I liked that song the most too.

[TRANS]  Let’s sing this song together again~

In reply to gunboy77′s tweet: Will we be able to sing this together again..haha

Source: @1215thexiahtic + @gunboy77
Translated by: @naemaeum + @ohmyjunsu
Shared by: JYJ3

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