[OTHER TWITTER] 120518 Ottogi Noodle Tweets about Yoochun’s CF Filming


[TRANS]: The white and blue sea coast that is just like the fresh and delicious white soup. Who is the person who seems like an angel in the picture? Although it’s a pity that this picture is not clear enough, the person in it still shines with charm.



[TRANS]: The person in the picture is Park Yoochun-ssi. He is now filming for the new Gis Myun CF in Jeju Island. Makes one’s heart flutter unknowingly! Please look forward to the Gis Myun CF that has a light taste that resembles summer days! ^^

Credit: @ottoginoodle
Chinese to English Translation: mandragore of JYJ3
(via 暖日呀呀 Weibo)
Shared By: JYJ3

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