[TRANS] 120519 Hayato’s Blog Update: Junsu’s Musical and MV, Rooftop Prince and Jaejoong’s Tight Schedule

May 17th 2012

They’ve become strong didn’t they…

They’ve overcome all the hindrance laid by various people… hehehe, reversed result. Makes you laugh haha
Those guys, become even stronger now…They are obviously growing rapidly.
And then, this time, I’m shocked by magnae Junsu!!!
Even watching Junsu who’s answering the interviews, I could feel the confidence he has… It’s seriously awesome!
I thought he put his whole for Elisabeth, yet he didn’t just stop there and felt satisfied by it but moved on from there.

Even watching the MV, I could see the hard work he put into the training…and then, that tempered body…expression…I’ve said this many times, but it’s an art!

When I went to watch the movie version of COO, I met Junsu and I said “You’ve lost weight” and he replied, “Yes, I’ve been dieting.”

The strong determination…That’s because he had always been very positive.
Hindrance?…How should I say this correctly…I think they are already happy by just being able to sing.
For me, I think it is because all of you who had been supporting them up till now. These 2 years, your support has been excellent.
I’m also anticipating the making of their album as JYJ.

Anyway, I’ll be watching Junsu with these eyes.
I’ll report again later. Please look forward to it~

By the way, last night, my wife was watching ‘Rooftop Prince’ beside me and made a big fuss “This is going to be bad for Yoochun’s fans!” saying these words…I wonder what happened? *laugh*
She also said that it was really painful each time that she cried…?
I had been busy with business trips so I couldn’t watch it in real-time…So should I look forward to it in July?
Ah! I haven’t watch it so please don’t tell me the details (of RTP) in the comments section!!!

Jaejoong is also vigorously working hard… In any case, I’m glad they’ve return to their usual self.
The schedule seems very packed but whatever it is, I’m worried of his body but it seemed that there are talks of multiple stance manager to make sure nothing is to happen… Whatever it is, he should continue taking care of his body, and I hope he have fun right now.
I’m looking forward for the result.

Source: Hayato’s Blog
Translated by: Hellyryther of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3


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