[OTHER TWITTER/TWITTER] 120519 Compilation Tweets About Junsu’s First Concert in Seoul

[TRANS] Today’s concert I also really really really rea~~~lly!!! want to watch but.. I have show so unable to go~sorry!!!!(⌒-⌒; ) Today tomorrow show your best stage!! (especially for the 3rd song a little bit more cool…) kekeke Do your best!!\(^o^)/

[TRANS] ‘Taran’ ‘Turn around’ ‘Fever’..?? ^^ keke (T/N: earlier on JUNO_Japan was asking Junsu to put more efforts on the songs he wrote hehe. The 3 songs are ‘Tarantallegra’, ‘Turning around and around’ and ‘Fever’).

[TRANS] Gulps…this! To match such a difficult question like this..ヽ(;▽;)ノ

[TRANS] The weather is so good!!!! Junsuyah fighting!!!

[TRANS] Let’s have fun together haha!!

[TRANS] Today went directly to the store and bought 6 CDs!!! Do your best for your concert!!!^^ Proof shot!!♪(v^_^)v

[TRANS] Hyung, you know that you’re always the best hyung to me, don’t you..^^ Thank you so much for the good lyrics ♥

[TRANS] Thank you! You must have suffered for the concert today~ I wanted to watch it too so it’s a pity! You have another show tomorrow so quickly go and rest! Sleep well!! (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)

[TRANS] The first time I tried writing <Mission> and after that, believing me and entrusting me with the lyrics of <Fever> in this album and liking the lyrics, Junsu who requested the lyrics for another two songs.. When I’m writing the lyrics for this album, because this is my younger brother’s first solo album, I was very worried whether I as an amateur was able to write good lyrics and also the burden to cause no harm. But when this album came out, many of you showed love to <Tarantallegra> <I Turn Around and Around> <Fever>, and today I heard many news about the cool performances showed at the concert, I had the thought again that I have the best and coolest younger brother. If I can personally see these four songs; <Mission>, <Tarantallegra>, <I turn around and around> and <Fever>, I think I will be really happy..! Although I could not see it personally, I’m very thankful to Junsu who have showed awesome performances, who believed in me and entrusted me with the lyrics composition and.. Personally, I’m also really thankful to those who showed love to <Tarantallegra>, <I turn around and around> and <Fever> among all of the awesome songs!

[TRANS] Today I went to Senior Xiah Junsu’s concert. I became a fan. It’s really awesome. 9 years of experience really gives me goosebumps. Amirable. Went to Xia Junsu선배님(senior)’s concert. Speechless. I became a fan tonite. Sooo GOOD.

[TRANS] Junsu oppa’s solo concert! It was the best stage which gives goosebumps~ I received great energy from the passion of senior~^^ The best the best!!!!!!!!

Source: @1215thexiahtic + @Juno_Japan + @plmok30 + @poimin73 + @alexander_0729 + @Jisook718
Translated by: @neonoenjena + @_alovelikewar + @naemaeum
Shared by: JYJ3


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