[TRANS + VID] ‘Dreame’ Announcement: Kim Jaejoong’s Fandom Rice Wreath Cheer for the upcoming MBC weekend drama “Dr. Jin”


Kim Jaejoong’s fandom, representing over 35 countries, has created a special international project for the upcoming MBC weekend drama “Dr. Jin”

Rice Wreaths totaling 23.68 tons of rice were ordered through Dreame in order to show support and root for the upcoming success of Kim Jaejoong’s drama. They were delivered in Seoul on the 17th.

Held at the Lotte Hotel Crystal Ballroom, the Dr. Jin press conference received over 100 rice wreaths with rice incriminates of 20kg all the way to 1,100kg.

All the rice wreaths, both large and small, were placed by Dreame at the entrance of the Crystal Ballroom. 23.68 tons is the highest record that Dreame has recorded for any artist, domestic or international.

The delivery was also the largest one that Dreame has had for a single event. Dreame estimates that around 200,000 malnourished children can be given meals with the 23.68 tons of rice.

On the other hand, last year with the drama “Protect the Boss”, Kim Jaejoong’s fans sent almost 7 tons of rice through Dreame for the press conference.

After deliberation, the council has recommended 29 programs nationwide which donate food directly to underprivileged children. Every month, Dreame will send the children in these 29 programs 20kgs of rice from the total donated by Jaejoong fans.

After receiving this great amount of rice in the name of charity, Kim Jaejoong will be working hard to film his first historical drama “Dr. Jin”, which tells the story of the best surgeon of 2012 who travels through time.

Landing in the Joseon Era, Dr. Jin meets with an interesting cast of characters in this fusion fantasy medical drama based on the Japanese comic by Murakami.

“Dr. Jin” will be the successor to “Feast of the Gods” and will have its first broadcast on the 26th.

Source: Dreame I Translated by: Yule @ PrinceJJ
Please take out with full credit.

~ Rice wreath pictures from Dreame Site ~

Credit: jaejoong860126
Shared by: JYJ3


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