[TWITTER] 120520 JYJ Twitter Update (Updated!)


[TRANS] It’s beautiful…^^HaHa

[TRANS] @1215thexiahtic: Did you do your concert greatly well? I couldn’t make it because of filming, but I heard (you did greatly well) from my friends who went there, as expected..^^

[TRANS]: Hyung~ It’s tiring recently right..?? So you have to eat more and gain strength!! Fighting to all of us^^

[TRANS]: @6002theMicky Why are you in such a good moodㅋㅋ
(in reply to):

[TRANS]: Hmm… What to do… Seems like a big problem….

[TRANS]: @1215thexiahtic The harder you work, the better things get^^ I should live like that^^

[TRANS]: @6002theMicky @mjjeje Let’s all be stronger..^^

Source: mjjeje, 1215thexiahtic I Translated by: @126×204 (Jeneration) (JJ Tweet) + theyoungestmin allrisexiahtic
Shared by: JYJ3

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