[FAN PROJECT] Junsu’s Concert Project in Indonesia

Fan base’s alliance project in Indonesia

1. Fan base provide a free banner for the audience of Junsu’s concert with long: 30cm and wide: 10 cm. On the banner:

Front side: “1st Xia Tarantallegra Concert Let’s Dance

Back side: “Y 사랑해 ~ 우리 김준수 Y 

2. We decide to give purple/ pink color light stick that will be lit on several songs of Junsu’s song list. But still in dissussion, because it cost 2.500usd for 5000 light stick.

3. For Charity, collecting rice before until the concert finish. That will be donated to an orphanage, etc.. We will provide the list of orphanage and so Junsu will choose the place. For fans that want to participate but cannot donate directly because could not come to the concerts so fans can send money to the fan base and fan base will help to buy rice. For convenience and tidiness, we suggest to donate with at least 3kg package rice. It’s around Rp 35.000/5usd

4. Because there’s festival class in Junsu’s upcoming concert in here, fans must be lining up from early morning to get the best place. And they probably wouldn’t want to leave their line just to eat or drink. Because of that we are worried if something happened to those fans, like fainting, fall sick,etc. So we thought of preparing a place for free drink and snack,etc

Alliance Fan base until now
@ JYJIndonesia, @ Cassiopeia_INA

Feel free to support and join us.

If this doesn’t matter, please help us to keep promote the project and donation. For all fan base which take part of this project alliance (in form of material and promotion), their names will be put in our project banner such as: hand banner, standing banner, big banner for signing, and sticker on rice donation).

Donation can be sent via Paypal. Paypal: poporomin@hotmail.com

 Every donation that collect will be announce at wordpress around 8pm – 12 am Indonesian Time.

Credit: JYJinIndonessia
Shared by: JYJ3 


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