[FAN PROJECT] Park Yoochun Birthday Project in Singapore

Dear Chunsas/JYJers/DB5K-cassies,

We are planning for a fun and memorable Birthday Project for both Beloved Yoochun-ssi and Yoochun-Lovers in Singapore. We would like to invite you, all the Yoochun-lovers, to join our project. Without you, fans, there won’t be Micky Park Yoochun. Also, without you, there won’t be Yoochun Birthday Project.It is hard for us, International Fans, to get close to him and to let him know that we love him so much and we were there for him at the very far end of the world. Regardless of miles in distance, we want to show that we are always right behind him, supporting him, loving him, caring for him.

Birthday is a day which is most special to a person. On this special moment, we want to give him a memorable present which he can never buy with money. We want to make him smile wide, feel loved, and cheer up! What a hard moment he had with the scandals, tight schedules and the heart broken loss recently! Now is time for him to relax, sit back and just watch what we are doing for him and how much we love him.

Below is the draft plan for our project. Date, Time and Venue is not confirmed yet so far, as we need to know how many people will be attending before booking a location. So please (please) email to us @yuchunbdproject@gmail.com with your name, contact# and other contact (like Twitter / FB) to show your interest. I am sorry to say that this project won’t be free of charge as none of the organizers is rich enough to do the whole project on her own. But we can guarantee that it will be a cheap yet fun and memorable project for all of us including our dear Yoochun.We welcome more organizers and any kind of support. We will do a fan gathering before the actual party to discuss and update the plans and/or the arrangements we have done. So, again, do drop and email with your name, contact# and other contact (like Twitter / FB). We welcome any kind of help and/or contributions regardless of the price or the amount of money; such as the Yoochun-stuffs for the prizes of the games, the type of games and so on.

Here is the draft plan:

Phase 1:

-Celebrate Yoochun’s birthday at a cozy place with the fun games which will bring the fans into one unite family.

-There will be quizzes relating to Yoochun and his activities (such as solos, dramas, cfs and so on) and attractive prizes will be given away. (Note: Do make sure you do your homework)

-Birthday cake will be cut by all the Micky-lovers for our beloved idol.

Phase 2:

-There will be the video recording and photo taking of the party.

-The video and photo book will be sent to Cjes/Yoochun. (It is time for us to cheer him up with a fun party we throw for him as there have been lots of ups and downs in his life and recently.)

Phase 3:

-A unique nice BD present will be arranged for him.

-We want to show that Singapore loves Park Yoochun and we hope to see him again in Singapore!

We do hope to see your warm responses and we would like to apologize you in advance for the imperfaction if there is any. Thank you!

YuchunBDProject (SGP)

Credit: YuchunBDProject (SGP)
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