[FANACCOUNT] 120523 KJJ Taipei Fanmeeting – Part 1

I would be lying if I said today is the happiest day of my life but it’s definitely in the top 3.

10 days ago I received an email informing me to collect my KJJ Taipei Fanmeet on the day of the fanmeeting. I couldn’t believe it! I had placed the order via fax never expecting that I could actually be given one given that tickets were totally sold out in under half hour when they went on sale.

Like crazy I had to make plans – book an air ticket and hotel and divert all my daily routines.

So to cut to the chase, I picked up my ticket today and I got FRONT ROW SEATS!!!!! Not only that they were FRONT ROW AND CENTER AISLE seats. Unobstructed view of the most gorgeous man on the planet!

The show started right on time, with the MC doing a quick introduction and a video and then Jae came on stage. OMFG!!!!! He sang his song from the Protect the Boss OST. Ok, honestly his singing wasn’t perfect. I think he’s been off singing for a while now so he’s rusty. Nonetheless, he was still better than 99.999999% of the people who sing for a living :)

Under the spotlight, his skin seems almost translucent. Seriously, he would beat Robert P. hands down if he entered a vampire look-alike competition. His skin is flawless, I can almost imagine how water would form droplets and just run off his skin when he bathes. *sigh*

His hair was slicked back on his right side, (which he favors) to show off his beautiful jaw line. I’m glad that in person his face doesn’t seem as sallow and sunken as some of his recent photos have shown. I guess it would be not quite right for a military office in the Josen to have chubby cheeks too. His bangs were combed so they were just covering his left eye – something he also favors coz he seems to not like showing his full face at events.

He has the most beautiful nose – something that people don’t usually talk about but my nose is very lacking so I always take a bit more notice of people’s noses and his is PERFECT! His eyes are deep set and almond shaped. Not round which would be too feminine. His lips….. OMG those lips…. those lips…. I’m going to dream about kissing those lips tonight.

Did I mention that he was probably less than 10m away from me most of the time when he was on stage? He was THAT CLOSE! I could see his jugular throbbing when he sang the high notes in the songs.

He is very thin. U know how some guys can fill up a pair of jeans quite nicely (like Junsu ^^) but Jae was swimming in his jeans. I’m scared to imagine what he would look like in his briefs. His buttocks are seriously non existent. That’s why he envies Junsu I guess. His legs are also really skinny for such a tall man. He was wearing those jeans with the horizontal tears along the entire front part of the legs. Again, those were meant to be skinny jeans and he was swimming in those too.

Usually his chest fills up his V-neck Tee quite nicely. Today his white V-neck Tee fitted a bit loosely. His jacket was nice – looks like the one he wore for the Protect the Boss press conference. Fortunately, his skinniness is covered up when he wears his costume for Dr Jin.

He’s got nice big hands! Me LIKES that VERY VERY MUCH! You know what they say about guys with big hands right *wink wink* :P

After the song, the MC came on stage, and the usual greetings followed. Jae was pleasantly surprised when the fans seemed to understand (and responded) to what he was saying without the translator’s help. But it was the usual Hello, long time no see, are you doing well? stuff. The MC had the staff bring in Jae’s bag, so that he could share it’s contents. That boy carries around glucosamine, omega 3 and some liver supplements in his bag!

10 lucky fans were chosen to go and stage and play a game with Jae. Charades – with Jae being it. He acted out working out, freestyle, abs, flower boy and some others I forgot. The MC made Jae show off his abs. NICE! He has nice looking abs for someone with such a tiny waist. Puts me to shame even though I work out 4x a week at the gym.

They played another video here and then had Jae come on again (he had a quick change of clothes too)to play a draw and guess game with 3 lucky fans. He drew the Xiao Long Bao (which he tweeted later he ate after the show ^^), Bubble Tea and Junsu! The drawing of Junsu was hilarious coz he basically just drew the side profile of some sort of stick man with big buttocks. And cute Jae was concentrating so hard while he was drawing, with pursed lips and all.

Jae sang For You – the one from the Thanksgiving concert. He made a few mistakes with the lyrics but other than that, it was just perfect. He hit those high notes perfectly :) This song is probably my all time favorite solo by Jae, and I was so pleased that I was able to hear it live.

The fanmeet ended slightly more that an hour and a half. Even though it was short, I was happy. You can really feel Jae’s love for his fans. After the third video was played (the video was basically about how the fans will always be there for him, he only has to turn around when he feels disheartened and see that we are always there supporting him), Jae came on stage with tears in his eyes. He has come a long way since the split from SM. All the heartaches and tears since then, we can only imagine how much he has suffered.

Jae talked about how they would likely work on the 2nd JYJ album after filming for Dr Jin is completed. I can’t wait, coz it means another world tour would be happening too :D

I can only dream about when the next time I can ever to be close to Jae again (physically i mean) The fans were really the best tonight. I attended Kim Hyun Joong’s fanmeet recently too, and believe me the fan response was lukewarm at best compared to what I felt tonight.

I know who I will be dreaming about tonight :)

Credit: staygoldvicky
Shared by: JYJ3

Thanks to Lia (TIP)


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