[FAN PROJECT] “Shining XIA♥ & Million Trees Million Loves” for Junsu’s 1st Asia Tour in Bangkok

Hello everyone~

As all of you know that our Kim Junsu will have his 1st Asia Tour Concert in Bangkok on this May 27th, so we, Thai fans, have thought about doing something special for him in this event, then we have an idea to make a project that will cheer him up, give a surprise on him and impresses him at the same time, and we all can do it together as one in the name of “Kim Junsu Lovers” :D

—– PROJECT 1 : “Shining XIA♥ for JUNSU’s 1st Asia Tour in Bangkok” —–

Introduction :
– Junsu always express how he love and proud of his name ‘XIA‘, he never leaves this name or even change signature, so we fans want to show him how we admire and trust this name of him too.

Project plan :
– To make a word ‘XIA♥’ with glowing lightsticks in zone E1-E4 (1,000 THB seats), each block will hold an alphabet for XIA♥, E4 for X, E3 for I, E2 for A and E1 for ♥
– The word ‘XIA♥‘ will be yellow lightsticks while the background will be red lightsticks
– This project will be run throughout the concert, whenever Junsu look at the back of the hall he will see our big ‘XIA♥‘ glowing beautifully

How to do :
– When the concert starts, there’ll be concert teaser or introduction video clip, followed by Junsu appearing so cool on stage, when he’s appearing, everyone in zone E1-E4 will bend the lightsticks (to make it glow) and raise them at the same time, so when Junsu fully appear on stage, the big ‘XIA♥‘ will also appear to greet him in this concert.
– When holding the project’s lightsticks, please turn off the lightsticks in other color so that there will only be red & yellow lightsticks in project zones.

Sample picture : (click on picture to see full image)


Additional instruction :
– When the ones who sit in zone E1-E4 get to their seats, there’ll be project’s red or yellow lightsticks put on their seats with instruction note to tell you when and how to do the project, moreover, before the concert starts there’ll be our staffs standing in front of zone E1-E4 and explain how to do the project once again.

Asking for help :
– Since this project is quite big, it’ll be required a large amount of money to buy all lightsticks for the project. So we have an idea to decrease budget by asking you all to take your own red lightsticks to the venue, if you sit in red background area, you can use your own red lightsticks to do this project or lend it to friends who sit in red BG area. However, we will prepare some amount of red lightsticks for the ones who really don’t have red lighsticks with them.

—– PROJECT 2 : “Million Trees Million Love For XIA♥” —–

Introduction :
As we announced earlier that we’ll make a surprise project for Junsu’s concert in Bangkok, now after receiving approval from the organiser, we proudly presents the fan project “Million Trees Million Love For XIA” as in the name of ‘XIA Junsu Thai Fans’!

Project plan :
– In the song 이슬을 머금은 나무 (Dews-laden Tree), everyone in the hall, except stand zones (E1-E4), will be holding pink coconut fans with the name ‘XIA‘ written on it altogether along until the song ends

How to do :
1. After the last ment/talk (when Junsu is wearing green uniform in Mission theme) he will say it’s the last song and 이슬을 머금은 나무 (Dews-laden Tree) will begin with a big tree appears in background screen, then we all raise the fans together from start until the end
2. You can hold the fans upon your face or wave it along the melody of the song :D

Sample picture : (click on picture to see full image)


Additional instruction :
– The fans will be given to everyone at the entrance gate along with instruction notes, so don’t worry if you can’t remember when to do or you don’t know this project before
– Before the concert starts there’ll be staffs explain how to do the project once again.
– When the project begins, if people next to you don’t raise the fans, please let them know and do it together :D
– When the concert ends, you can take the fans back to your home and make sure you don’t have any thing left in the hall

—– Calling for donation —–

– As we are running 2 projects in this concert, surely it requires a large amount of expense, so we would like you to support our projects by donating money in any amount as you wish, large or small is all welcomed :D

Via PayPal >>
PayPal address = jyjbox3@gmail.com

Via Bank Account (Thai Bank) >>
– Account name : Miss Ajchara Thangmo
– Bank name : KrungThai Bank (KTB)
– Account No. : 754-0-14231-6

Donation period: until May 26th
Thank you so much~

Click HERE for Japanese version.
Click HERE for Thai version.

Project by: JYJbox
Shared by: XiahPress + JYJ3

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