[NEWS + PICS + VID] 120524 JYJ Jaejoong Pulling All-Nighters for Filming, Arrived in Taiwan earning 400,000 TWD per hour (~$13 500 USD)

Korean idol group JYJ’s Jaejoong arrived in Taiwan alone yesterday to hold a fan meeting. He stayed for one day while earning around 10 million TWD (~$337,900 USD), which equates to around 400,000 TWD per hour (~$13 500 USD). His Taiwanese fan club donated around 300,000 TWD (~$10 140 USD) to charity under Jaejoong’s name. As soon as he arrived in Taiwan, Jaejoong tweeted, “Taiwan, long time no see!”

He was still filming ‘Dr. JIN’ yesterday early morning, barely rested for six hours and arrived in Taiwan looking exhausted. However, when Jaejoong saw the roughly 300 fans who came and welcomed him, he still greeted them and waved. The fans’ screaming scared quite a few of the travelers. There were some fans who flew with Jaejoong from South Korea, and wanted to take pictures of him, but was stopped by the Korean bodyguards. Fans said, “he was exhausted from filming, but still came to Taiwan to spend time with us. I’m moved, but also a little distressed.”

Kim Jaejoong held his fan meeting last night at ATT 4 Fun, all 2400 tickets were sold out. Jaejoong appeared in black and sang “I Will Protect You” for opening while all the fans swayed with the melody. He expressed, because ‘Protect the Boss’ received a lot of support from Taiwan, he had to come and thank everyone regardless of how busy he is. Jaejoong said to the fans in Korean, “How is everyone?” and the audience replied in Korean, “we’re doing great!” He laughed in surprise and said that the translator could go home and rest now.

His teammate Junsu plan to arrive next month on the 23rd and hold a concert in Taiwan University’s gymnasium.

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Source: Appledaily (Taiwanese News)
Translated By:
 G.fanns of JYJ3
Shared By: JYJ3


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