[OTHER TWITTERS] 120524 Rooftop Prince Cast/Crew Tweets + Pics of Yoochun


[TRANS]: Should I upload?…Or not?…. Even so I think there are many more who want to see^^~ Today I returned from the finale party~^^ (T/N: it’s a party to celebrate finale episode & to thank all those involved) Senior Yoochun~ during that time thank you for your great acting^^~In future also please advise guide me^^~~~ You have worked hard♥



[TRANS]: Tweet storm2 don’t stop me! Men in black



[TRANS]: Crown Prince and staff final commemorative photo~~~~~~♥♥♥ All worked hard Rooftop Prince forever^^


Credit: @wowkimsohyun + @TAE_SAMA + @BanJang_top
Translated By: @neonoenjena
Shared By: JYJ3


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