[TWITTER] 120604 Yoochun Twitter Update

Part 1

[TRANS] Yoochun: HOOHA~~~~  http://yfrog.com/nx1kapp


[TRANS] Yoochun: So it’s summer….^^ http://yfrog.com/g0nvikp

[TRANS] Yoochun: the oil of tiger~ a lot~  http://yfrog.com/esbs7dp (T/N: I think he want to say he has a greasy face)


Motoro100 to Yoochun: I’m envious of you Chun-ah Come back and have a good rest  (T/N: Motoro100 is C-jes CEO)

Yoochun to Motoro100: Hyung~ let’s come together next time~^^♥

Motoro100 to Yoochun:  I must do that I want to rest too ㅎ Bring back many and come back

Yoochun to Motoro100: Okay~^^I love you~Hyung~~

Motoro100 to Yoochun:  Ah why are you like thisㅎ Me tooㅎㅎI hope you can come back now…Faster come back I also want a change in my hairstyle I also need a change of mood

Yoochun to Motoro100: Hehehehehe Hyung’s change of mood~I’ll help you do it~

Motoro100 to Yoochun:  Really?ㅎ I’ll be anticipating it I really need it (tear)ㅎ Even it’s just saying I’m still thankful Play as much as you canㅎ

Yoochun to Motoro100: See you when I return back to Korea~^^


Beyondmonica to Yoochun: Haircut??????????

Yoochun to Beyondmonica: I was bored~^^So I cut my hair off~I wanted to shave off but I held it back^^A change of mood~because I’m depressed~

Beyondmonica to Yoochun: It was awesome! So Coooool!!!!!! Just like what our representative has said, although it was only for a while, the nature and rest will eventually come. ^^ The black and white photo was cool!!!

Yoochun to Beyondmonica: If the freedom doesn’t come~With this hairstyle~I will fly with freedom~

[TRANS] Yoochun:  Butterfly cloud…^^  http://yfrog.com/oef60xp


Yoochun to Junsu: Hey!!! Jaejoong-hyung gave me a phone call!!!! – In response to- Junsu: Yoochun Happy birthday to you!!!>•<

Yoochun to Junsu: Nevertheless, thanks~^^♥

Source: @6002themicky
Translated by: _alovelikewar + theyoungestmin + naemaeum
Shared By: JYJ3


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