[NEWS] BoA asks Yunho to buy her a house as her wedding gift

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BoA asked TVXQ’s Yunho for an expensive wedding gift

In the episode of KBS 2TV’s Seung Seung Jang Goo that aired on June 5, BoA asked TVXQ’s Yunho, who made a special guest appearance for BoA, to buy her a house as her wedding gift.

In the episode, Yunho was asked, “What will you give your close friend BoA as a wedding gift when she gets married?” and said, “I’ll give her one that she wants.”

At this, BoA got laughs saying, “Buy me a house. A house!”

At her request, Yunho was surprised and said, “You’ll have to buy a house with your future husband because it’s a space for you two.”

Yunho revealed BoA’s drinking habits

Yunho said, “She’s a magician of drinking. Depending on her mood, she controls how much she drinks. As she’s drinking, if she feels like she should pick a few people and keep drinking, she keeps drinking.”

He continued, “When she’s drunk, she becomes very cute. Her eyes become semicircular,” and copied her nasal, cute voice.

Lee Yeon Hee also added, “She doesn’t mumble but her sentences get shorter.”


BoA talked about her ideal type

Regarding the question about her ideal type, BoA said, “I like Yoo Ah In from Fashion King.”
BoA said, “I like a tall, good-looking man who loves music.”

At this, host Tak Jae Hoon said he was close to BoA’s ideal type and asked how wealthy he needed to be.
BoA answered, “I wish he makes as much money as I do,” and Tak got laughs by saying he was automatically eliminated.

In the episode, some pictures from BoA’s childhood were released and attracted the viewers’ attention.


Here are some more translations from the full episode of WinWin about BoA if you are interested in reading^^

On music

-BoA said that she hated vol. 3 album the most. She hated the music video, song, concept, everything about it because it was too cutesy. That’s why from vol. 4 she added her own opinions and went with a really strong image. BoA said that when Baek Ah Yeon sang that song during KPOPSTAR, the music video that she really hated was broadcasted – that made BoA really embarrassed.

-On last week’s broadcast BoA said that she couldn’t hit high notes when she was younger. Rather, she focused on her falsetto. After her debut up till now, she said that she has been constantly working hard to develop her singing technique. The writers who were monitoring the talk show commented that “She sings so well who will believe that!!!” or something to that effect.

-During her US debut, she travelled like crazy taking the plane and car for promotional activities (radio, performances) from the Eastern coast to the Western coast. Because she was a newbie, they just cancelled as they liked, without even contacting her and without compensation. That’s why she was left speechless many times.

-The reason her US activities were interrupted was because she personally enjoyed herself greatly and received a lot. She talked about going around promoting at the club and district radio broadcasts. She was especially thankful to receive much positive reactions from gay fans. She said the experience of participating in the largest festival of the gay community “SF Pride” was impressive.

-BoA THE LIVE first began because of BoA’s sudden injury. Because she was unable to deliver the choreography perfectly due to the injury, they decided to go with a live that presented natural music as the main focus. Unexpectedly the feedback was good. Thus since then, they continued on with the BoA THE LIVE series during the end of year Christmas concert every year.

On languages

-MCs commented that BoA’s pronunciation was very accurate and she said that she purposely worked on it. Originally, BoA’s pronunciation is slurred. After going to Japan, BoA received negative feedback from antis saying that she became Japanese when they saw her occasional Korean interviews. After seeing those comments, BoA got scared of appearing on interviews or talk shows. That’s why since then she spent more time on her pronunciation.

-BoA was scolded for “speaking Korean awkwardly”. BoA said that there were many times Japanese-like words pop out when she speaks Korean. After she received strong reactions from one mistake, she began to be more careful and alert. In a conversation she often thinks carefully about her words before replying and that’s why her Korean seems to be awkward. Because of fear of receiving that kind of negative feedback, she is unable to speak naturally, and so it creates a kind of vicious cycle.

-BoA learned Japanese and English at the same time but because she used Japanese more often, she forgot everything. And so she had to study English again while preparing for her US debut. Somehow BoA felt embarrassed whenever she made a small mistake while speaking English, and so she worried more about it than Japanese. This is because there are a lot of foreigners who know English, and so it will be even more obvious when she makes mistakes.

-MCs asked BoA, who is proficient in Japanese and English, what is the next language she wants to learn. BoA replied “French” because it is cool.

On health

-She said that when she fell sick and fainted in Japan last time, she lost 10kg in 2 weeks. Whenever she ate something, she would vomit it out immediately. But the people who visited her at the hospital brought cake. She had some virus in her stomach. It would be big trouble if the virus had gone to her brain. That time her weight was only 37kg. During that time, she shot the music video. When people watched that music video, they praised her beauty but she lost that weight because of her illness.

-BoA said that she can’t eat roe after that incident because it gave her the virus.

-BoA can finish 5 bottles of soju by herself.

-BoA is flat footed! The photo of BoA’s flat foot was shown during shooting. It was a picture that BoA took herself. During break time from practice, because it was too hot BoA took off her shoes. Because of sweat, her footprints were left on the floor and she was amazed, so she took a picture of it.

On personal life/Extras

-MC said “BoA is not a high school graduate but rather a middle school dropout?”. For an unknown reason her GED results were not recognised. Also, she took her GED during 2002-2003 which was also when she had a crazy schedule – lessons, studying for GED, recording, practice etc

-MC asked BoA if she run errands with her manager. BoA said that now she’s used to it so it’s rather easy. When she feels like something, they go together to get it. BoA said she often drinks with her manager. BoA said that because she wanted to ride the rollercoaster in Everland, she wore a hat and went with her manager. BoA said that she wants to go back there just to ride the rollercoaster again. She also said that because she was with her manager, it’s fine not to talk and so it was comfortable. MCs commented that it would be very funny to see them – wearing hats low and not speaking, getting on that one ride.

-MC told Yunho if any of the 3 girls was his ideal type. MC gave the illustration that there was a ship at sea and that the ship only can contain 2 people, and asked who would Yunho push into the sea? BoA said that Yunho would probably push her down first saying “BoA-ya I love you!”. Then, Yunho really said “BoA-ya I love you!” and pretended to push BoA.

More pictures of the show can be found HERE

Source: therlynn@en.korea.com, 허비’s post, eternalc2h@en.korea.com, kpopstarz.com
Distributed & Summarized by: ContinueTVXQ.com


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