[NEWS] 120628 Park Yoochun Calls in Sick at the Opening Ceremony for ‘2012 JYJ Membership Week’

All three members of JYJ planned on meeting and greeting fans at the fan-oriented expo called ‘2012 JYJ Membership Walk – 2012 JYJ Membership Week.’

But unfortunately for Park Yoo Chun, his eyeballs had other plans.

On June 28, marking the start of the Expo, Park Yoo Chun was unable to make it to the opening event after getting an infectious eye disease. Continue reading

[NEWS] 120523 JYJ’s Junsu visits Taiwan for his solo Asia tour


On June 22nd, JYJ‘s Junsu arrived at Taiwan for his next stop in his solo Asia tour promotion.

Opening up with a press conference at the Grand Formosa Hotel, Junsu was interviewed by major media outlets along with a number of surprise events planned by his event sponsors. Before the start of the interviews, they had prepared a special table of traditional Taiwanese food for Junsu to taste and try such as apple pies, pineapple pies, various fried foods, and bubble tea. Junsu didn’t spare his praise, commenting that they were delicious. Continue reading

[UPDATE] JYJ Vs SM Entertainment

All hearings of lawsuits to clarify invalidity of the exclusive contract between SM between JYJ has been finished today. Seoul Central District Court will announce it’s rulling on July 19.

SM전속계약부존재소송 오늘로 변론종결. 7월19일 판결선고기일. (출처: 준엄한 대법원. 올팬 악개 병신 홑등은 알티금지! 뭐 알티하고 실컷 상심하는건 너네몫ㅋㅋ

[NEWS] 120606 Park Yoochun “I also think that Han Ji Min noona and I look good together.” (Interview 2)

→ Continue from interview 1 here

Anyone would think that Park Yoochun and Han Ji Min look good together in Rooftop Prince. It looked like a picture of two pretty and good-looking people standing side by side. The two of them made the viewers even more immerse in the romance of Lee Gak and Park Ha in the drama. Continue reading

[NEWS] 120611 77 Million People Watched “Rooftop Prince” in China

The sheer popularity of the SBS drama “Rooftop Prince” starring Park Yoo Chun broke headlines today as viewership reached an all-time high in China.

Although it has not been long since “Rooftop Prince” aired in Korea, the Chinese media portal site Baidu boasts a fan community of approximately 59,000 fans reaching 60,000 for the drama. Continue reading